Diseases & Vaccines

Measles, polio, whooping cough... the names are so familiar that we've stopped thinking about what they represent: serious,debilitating diseases that can leave us and our children with permanent disabilities. We often dismiss these vaccine-preventable illnesses as not being important, as belonging to the "old days", or even as problems facing other countries, not ours.

In reality, these diseases are serious, they are still around, and they don't care where we live. A measles virus is only one plane or car ride away. And Yukon has its share of homegrown viruses.

Take the tetanus virus. It lives in soil, and Yukon has lots of soil...

Immunization is the single most successful public health initiative in history. It's saved countless lives and prevented countless disabilities, including deafness, blindness and disfigurement. In Canada, all vaccines are constantly being tested to ensure safety and no new vaccine is permitted for public use without going through rigorous testing.

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(SEE THE YUKON IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE for a complete list of immunizations and time tables.)