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Our mission


The Yukon Immunization Program provides evidence-based information on all vaccine products offered in the Yukon. Getting vaccinated can be stressful, and we understand you may have questions and concerns about immunization schedules, vaccine safety and the risk of disease.


This website is designed to answer your questions about immunization and provide resources to help you and your family to get vaccinated. Our mission is to help support the health of Yukoners by increasing immunization rates and reducing the number of vaccine-preventable diseases that can have serious and life-threatening consequences.


Our program


The Yukon offers free routine vaccines for all ages based on eligibility, as outlined in the Yukon Routine Immunization Schedule. Following these schedules will help you and your family keep up to date with recommended vaccines and timing of all doses. The Yukon Immunization Program works closely with health centers and facilities to assist all health professionals to be knowledgeable about current vaccines and provide safe and effective immunization programs.