Immunization is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your community from vaccine preventable diseases. The Yukon Immunization Program provides evidence-based information and tools to make it easier for you and your family to get vaccinated. We understand that some people may be uncertain about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and we are here to help answer your questions.



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For the general public

For all Yukoners

Vaccines are safe and effective. Immunization helps protect yourself and community from diseases that can be serious and even life-threatening. 


Information about vaccines


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Vaccine safety


Proof of COVID-19 immunization

For parents

For parents

As a parent, getting your child immunized is one of the most important ways to keep their immune system healthy. Learn about the importance of immunizing your child on time to provide the best protection against disease.


Information on vaccine safety for kids


Grade 6 and 9 school-based immunization


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For healthcare providers

For healthcare providers

Resources, education and evidence-based information about immunization and vaccines for healthcare providers across the Yukon.


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Yukon Immunization Manual


Immunization competencies

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