Get immunized

In the Yukon, all community health centres offer vaccines. Pharmacists in Whitehorse can also provide certain vaccines to people 5 years of age and older. If you are unsure of your vaccination status, you can contact your local health centre to obtain a copy.


It's important to keep your Yukon immunization record up to date. If you obtained vaccines in another jurisdiction and don't have a record of them, you will need to get in touch with your former jurisdiction to obtain a copy. Contact your local health centre for advice on how to do that. 


How and where to get immunized



The Whitehorse Health Centres offer;

  • Child health assessments and immunizations
  • Prenatal and postpartum immunizations
  • Pre kindergarten immunizations
  • School immunizations
  • Adult immunizations
  • Annual flu shots
  • Pre employment immunizations


Whitehorse Health Centre

Call 867-667-8864 to make an appointment. 


Yukon Outreach Clinic - Confidential health services for youth aged 12-18

Suite 102 - 211 Hawkins Street


Monday 1-6pm

Wednesday 1-pm


Kwanlin Dün Health Centre

If you are a Kwanlin Dün Citizen or access the Kwanlin Dün Health Centre, call 867-668-7289 to make an appointment.


Whitehorse Travel Health Clinic

Pre travel health consultations and travel vaccines are available at the Whitehorse Travel Health Clinic.

Visit or call 867-333-6566, to book an appointment.


Other communities
Contact your local community health centre to make an appointment for immunization:


  • Beaver Creek: 867-862-4444
  • Carcross: 867-821-4444
  • Carmacks: 867-863-4444
  • Dawson City: 867-993-4300
  • Destruction Bay: 867-841-4444
  • Faro: 867-994-4444
  • Haines Junction: 867-634-4444
  • Mayo: 867-996-4444
  • Old Crow: 867-966-4444
  • Pelly Crossing: 867-537-4444
  • Ross River: 867-969-4444
  • Teslin: 867-390-4444
  • Watson Lake: 867-536-5255



Pharmacies in Whitehorse provide the 
following vaccines to eligible individuals over 5 years old;


  • HPV immunization
  • Shingles immunization
  • Influenza immunization (Flu Shot)
  • COVID-19 immunization


Call your local pharmacy for more information:


  • Medicine Chest Ogilvie: 867-668-6123
  • Medicine Chest Lambert: 867-668-7000
  • Save On Foods: 867-668-6660
  • Shopper's Drug Mart Main St.: 867-667-2485
  • Shopper's Drug Mart Ogilvie: 867-667-6633
  • Superstore: 867-456-6635
  • Walmart: 867-667-7641
Medicine Chest Pharmacy

Travel health consultations are available at Medicine Chest Pharmacy. To book an appointment call 867-668-6123.

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